Late Nights with Trav and Los

How to become a designer in 2016

Episode Summary

In this episode we talk about how to become a designer without going to design school.

Episode Notes

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Episode 88: Becoming a designer without design school

How do we do that?

  1. Learn the tools
    2. Sketch and photoshop
    3. Origami and Framer JS for prototyping
  2. Take online courses
    3. Envato
    4. Coursera
    5. Lynda
    6. CreativeLive
    7. Skillshare
  3. Get feedback
    4. From a mentor or a peer
    5. Online feedback communities
    6. HH Design
    7. HH Illustrate
    8. Designer’s Guild
    9. The Designers League
    10. IxDA
  4. Build fundamentals
    5. The design of Everyday Things (Donald Norman): A well known primer on the rules of usable design, with good and bad examples.
    6. Universal Principles of Design (William Lidwell, Kritina Holden, Jill Butler): An encyclopedia of key design concepts and examples
    7. Don’t Make Me Think! (Steven Krug): Web usability and user testing
    8. Thinking with Type (Ellen Lupton): A guide to typography for print and on screens
    9. Graphic Design: The new Basics (Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips): An introduction to graphic design and how to use visual language in design
  5. Stay up to date with the field
    6. Sidebar
    7. It’s Nice That
    8. InVision Digest
    9. Product Design Weekly
  6. Go to IRL design meetups
    7. CreativeMornings
    8. Dribbble Meetups
    9. Designers + Geeks Meetups
  7. Gain experience
    8. Find an internship
    9. Start and Finish a side project