Late Nights with Trav and Los

Storytelling for Designers

Episode Summary

In this episode, hosted by Los, the duo discuss storytelling and the place it holds in design and other industries.

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##Storytelling for designers

Today’s episode is about storytelling.

This is a conversation around what the role of storytelling looks like for a modern designer in this creative economy.

Because, the most successful, companies/designers, who are able to convert known and unknown customer needs, into a story the customer can get behind, end up becoming the best in the industry.

I tweeted this yesterday “The emotions evoked by the stories you tell is what sells a product. It’s no longer about the features.”

So, the conversation prompts are these:

  1. What are some of the companies that are great storytellers?Why?
  2. What role does story telling play in what you do?
  3. What are some things we can do as designers to help evoke the emotions that make it easier for customers to get behind your brand?
  4. How does it work when you are working at a company and storytelling is not part of the culture. What are some things you can do, to help create a culture that understands the importance of great storytelling?
  5. If you are in high school, first year in college, or fresh out of college, and you are listening to this, why is this important to you?

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