Late Nights with Trav and Los

Los's creative process

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Los walks us through his current creative process and uses his vlog on Instagram as a case study

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Episode 81 - What’s my Vlogging workflow like

Welcome to another Late Nights!


Today, I’m going to talk to you all about how I go about thinking through how I am going to produce daily content on the vlog.

Step 1

Understand what your day will look like tomorrow.

It all starts with planning, if you listen back to “Maximise your productivity with these 14 daily habits” you will hear me talk about planning.

I have a Trello board that is broken up into my weekly and daily tasks. By doing, this I can start to get an idea for what my day is going to be like tomorrow.

Step 2

Once you understand what your day will look like, think about what is going to be the most interesting part of the day that I can share.

Step 3

I create and write a mini outline that helps me think through what

Step 4

Once I understand this, I’ll fill the different pieces out throughout the day. I’ll fill them out as they appear in my day. Because I planned, I know what to look for.

Step 5

Put it all together, this is the part I have the most fun with. Re-arrange, cut, etc. It’s where my artistic style meets what I captured. It’s really fun to see what you’ve had in your mind all day, put together in a neat little bow.

Some thoughts

I want to keep it all mobile, so everything I capture is on mobile, and all my editing is on my phone. I can then quickly post it up on Instagram, litter it with some hashtags, and post it up.

Thus far, I’m liking it. There is only one thing I don’t like. That is the compression Instagram does on my video. It looks great in iMovie and then Instagram does it’s thing. I’m sure as mobile video picks up, that Instagram will get better at it.