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Maximise your productivity with these 14 daily habits

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14 daily habits for maximising your productivity
What to do when you are overwhelmed


In our lives we have moments where we are busy, moments when we are busier, and moments when we are the busiest. For the foreseeable future I will be in one of my most busiest seasons.

My wife and I have a third child joining the family, I’m tripling my efforts at work to make a positive impact on what I have influence over, and at the same time I am also doubling down on my maker efforts outside of work. Now, Maker, is a choice word here, because:

  1. It encompasses anything I make; the podcast, art, making a better self, making a safe home, making lasting relationships, making better choices, etc.
  2. A Maker is first and foremost, a maker, and then a sharer. We live in a society that is great at sharing and re-posting. I guess we can call ourselves the re-post society?! I simply want to make, more than I share.

So, in summation, I am busy person. and recently I have become a busier person, only this time I wasn’t prepared, and it was scary. I wasn’t prepared because, although you can foresee an arbitrary amount of it, the other, is unplanned, unexpected, and overwhelming.

This episode, is dedicated to all of you who are overwhelmingly experiencing a deficit in attention; whose root cause, is, being busy.

Some thoughts on busy-ness.

Being busy is ok. In fact, I don’t think I will ever “not” be busy. So how do we best manage busy-ness, such that, we are successful with our endeavours and focus? That’s what I want to talk about today.


Let me first tell you that, for the last couple of weeks, I feel like I’ve been walking in circles, not knowing what to focus on, or what to do next. I’ve had my moments of success, focus, and productivity, yet those moments were mostly fleeting.

Here is a small list of the feelings that have been overwhelmingly present:

So, What did I do?

I took some time to ponder the following question:
%%What are the moments in my life when I feel in control, productive, successful, focused, happy, eager, and motivated?
%%What is the common denominator for those moments?

Here is the answer: I was set up for success in all of those moments. The interesting thing to note here, is that, I took the time to set myself up for success. So how do you set yourself up for success?

I compiled a list of my greatest hits. This is a list of the moments in my life where I was successful in maximising productivity. This is a list of habits to protect as I take another stab at developing and nourishing them. I want to share this list with you.

Want to know something they all have in common? They are all habits that you can and should exercise daily.

14 daily tips to follow
  1. Doing it now

  2. Monthly, weekly, and daily planning

  3. Relentless focus on one task at a time

  4. Starting with a task that will free up the most energy

  5. Manage distractions and delay them

  6. Say no to the things that create little value and do not get you closer to your goals

  7. Do one extra

  8. Learn when to cut your losses

  9. A relentless dedication to your goals

  10. Double down on what is working

  11. Have integrity

  12. Maximise your learning from your own life

  13. End your day by identifying the MIT for tomorrow

  14. Wherever you are, be there