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The Elevator Pitch – Why you need it, and how it works.

Episode Summary

Everyone need to have an "Elevator Pitch" – It's a quick script that you keep in your pocket that let's you talk about what you do, the right way. Here are a few steps to a great elevator pitch.

Episode Notes

A better elevator pitch.

I was reading a post on imgr today where the person gave the advice that people should develop an elevator pitch when looking for a job.

A few comments made me laugh

So, Go to random companies and ride the elevator all day in hopes you catch a ride with a big-wig and strike up a conversation? - clutchthepearls

Of the 6 companies I have worked for, only 1 had an elevator. - jackofshadows51

Sounds like your career has had some ups and downs. - BrecaAndTheSeaBeasts

While it has, the elevator wasn't the cause. Mostly not being valuable enough to the company to survive some of the downturns :-) - jackofshadows51

I don't think that's what elevator pitch means? Granted, I've not actually looked it up - justhereforvoting

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Los, what is an Elevator pitch?



Anatomy of an elevator pitch


Let’s build your perfect elevator pitch Los. What are you doing?

“I’m working on a podcast for creatives. It’s called Late Night’s with Trav and Los.”


How are you doing this? Is there anything unique or special about how you do your thing?

“My cohost and I switch weeks hosting the show and have complete autonomy over the content and edit. We record outdoors and at night. Our podcast has a very familiar vibe, in that people often comment saying it feels like just hanging out with old friends, we talk about being healthy and productive professionals in todays creative economy.


Why do you do what you do? What is the emotional connection that you can convey that the audience can relate too?

“We have so much fun, it’s not often you get to have purposeful, in-depth, conversations with someone you respect. And maybe even more than that, a lot of people write to us and share how these conversations are helping them. It’s a pretty great feeling.”

Therefore, or the “Goal Statement”

“For the past 60 episodes we have been mostly presenting topics on our own, just the two of us, and growing nicely. But recently we decided to start developing richer stories, and also inviting more influencers and gatekeepers on the show, to hopefully reach a bit of a wider audience.”