Late Nights with Trav and Los

Year In Review — Our favorite Moments, Fan Mail, and Our Plans for the Future

Episode Summary

Trav and Los talk about a year of podcasting. They read fan mail, share favorite episodes, and talk about the year to come.

Episode Notes

Thank you everyone for making 2015 a great year for the show!

Episodes mentioned in this show

  1. How We Really Create (
  2. Set and Achieve Better Goals (
  3. How I increased my creative output 150% by simply changing the way I sleep (Polyphasic Sleep) (
  4. Burnout – What it is, how to avoid and overcome it (
  5. Steal a collage education (
  6. Expectational Debt (
  7. The loss of thought (
  8. Full-Process Designer (
  9. Sometimes We Fail Hard (
  10. Chase the Carrot (