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Hosting a Jeffersonian Dinner

Episode Summary

Los hosts a show on Jeffersonian Dinners. We discuss the history of the Jeffersonian dinner, the structure, the rules, and how to host your own.

Episode Notes

#Jeffersonian Dinners


I want to talk about what a Jeffersonian Dinner is.

###Q:Have you heard of this?


Imagine being invited to a dinner in 1819 at Monticello, at the elegant Virginia home of Thomas Jefferson — president, scientist, farmer, connoisseur, scholar, and author of the Declaration of Independence.

Around his table, you’d encounter some of the leading sprits of the age — men and women steeped in politics, literature, the arts, the sciences, theology, history, mores, and manners — people that Mr. Jefferson invited because he found them, intriguing and delightful to spend a stimulating evening with. An evening like this was also a prime source of education both for Mr. Jefferson himself and for the guests around the table, all of whom were engaged citizens, eager to share and debate the varied ideas that would shape the fortunes and spur the development of their rapidly-growing young nation.

This was the original Jeffersonian Dinner and these dinner’s have been had by many people ever since.

I came across this idea of a Jeffersonian Dinner in an article I pinned to read about 6 months ago, and as I was looking for a topic, I found this gem again!

###Q: So what are some benefits of attending a Jeffersonian Dinner?

A: By attending a Jeffersonian Dinner, it can be a great way to launch the creation of a new cause-centered community. It can also help you to expand the network of individuals connected with an existing community. And although money is not the central focus of the evening, it is likely that, in the end, a Jeffersonian Dinner can activate far more resources than a traditional fundraising event, like an annual gala.

###Q: So what makes a modern Jeffersonian Dinner and how do you plan one?

A: A dinner is broken up into 3 parts.


During dinner:

After dinner(within 2 weeks):

###Q:So how do we make this relevant to us

A: Well, I want to host one :) I think this can be applied to school, work, or friends and borrow a few ideas from the Jeffersonian Dinner