Late Nights with Trav and Los

Reflect to Thrive

Episode Summary

Los and Trav discuss the benefits and drawbacks of community building. We are looking at Patreon. Travis celebrates his birthdays in a very unusual way. They discuss the importance of reflecting on the past to prepare for a successful future.

Episode Notes

33:23 - I sent out a weird birthday email -

2:10 - The worst part of birthdays

6:46 - @_ellenbrook released a product called

9:40 - Travis has a man-crush on Jack Conte -

10:57 - Peter Hollins and Jackie Evancho Rocked the house -

13:02 - What is Patreon? -

19:51 - Eff an umbrella, gimme a poncho!

23:36 - Voice actors documentary -

25:51 - Using Patreon to increase value to listeners

34:19 - Having a pay-community can increase interaction quality

36:37 - Travis might be afraid of rejection

38:59 - Travis wrote a note for his birthday

41:22 - “That one movie” -

Travis’ interactive birthday poems: