Late Nights with Trav and Los

The loss of thought

Episode Summary

Trav and Los talk about the importance of thinking.

Episode Notes

#The loss of thought

Most of us have problems or ideas that we want to solve or elaborate on and one of the hardest parts of these problems and ideas is finding the time to think about them. Have you noticed that most of the time when you are taking a shower or a bath, you somehow come up with something brilliant or insightful? Something actionable?

There are many things in our lives that require our attention some are important and some aren’t, either way, our time to think is lost and taken away from us.

So what is unique about the shower or bath that allows us to think?

It is one of the only moments that is built into our routine where we don’t have gadgets, internet, family, peers, or pets fighting for our attention. In the shower, you are still, contemplative, with yourself. You have, by accident, built in time to think.

Imagine if you had more time to think and reflect? How many more problems could you find solutions to? How many different and brilliant ideas could you uncover?

So for the next few minutes, Travis and I are going to get out of your way and give you the time you need to think. Reflect on how you are going to start your school or workday. Reflect on how your day ended. Reflect on what you can start doing, continue doing, and stop doing immediately.

Thank you for listening and enjoy the next few thoughtful minutes.