Late Nights with Trav and Los

Burn Out - What it is, and how to avoid and overcome it.

Episode Summary

Trav asks twitter about "Burn Out" and shares the results with Los. Los and Trav Play a game. Los loses. Haha!

Episode Notes

Travs Thesis

Burn out happens when you don't believe in what you are doing.

Avoid Burnout

Los says that if you want to avoid burn out, you should not burn out.

Overcome Burnout

Trav says that if you are currently experiencing burnout, you should try to find a shoulder to lean on.

Caleb Meredith

"Burn out is when you tell yourself you don't believe in what your doing because that's easier than continuing"

Lukaz Morawski

"or when what you are doing becomes a routine"


"burnout happens when you are stuck in whatever you are doing. When you stop learning the fun in zapped !"


"IMHO burnout happens as a result of not managing your burn rate. I am not referring to financial "burn rate", but physical and mental burn rate. It is so easy to get burned out if you are not clear aboutwhat you are trying to accomplish, so I somewhat agree. Not believing in what you are doing is a huge part of that.

"A common factor for my own burnout that I personally have found is that I am not addressing subconscious issues. Dave Allen gives some great advice on this and said the root of most stresses in life is not knowing what you want and not addressing the task at hand.

  1. What are you trying to do?
  2. How are you going to do it?
  3. Write your answers down.
  4. Execute on them A.S.A.P

Wash Rinse Repeat"

Mike Heitzke

"I don't disagree necessarily, but that sounds more like "What you realize right before you start looking for other jobs".
IMO burnout happens when there's no clear objectives, unclear/unrealistic timelines, a lack of direction, lack of leadership/ownership. Working on a project for any length of time that has any of these characteristics can burn you out."

G Bowden

"Back in the day a basketball coach I had once told me, "show my a player who is burnt out and I'll show you a player who doesn't recover properly"

Seye Kuyinu

"I don't agree. I think burnout has a lot to do with managing time and communication. You may love what you do and believe what you do but when you don't know when to prioritize and manage resources(both human and material"

Ben Regali

"Agree to disagree!

Sounds like a kick in the nuts to all people who worked hard on things they love and still had to experience burnout.

Edit: I don't think there is more than one reason why this happens, but being swamped and working too much are definitely one those reasons. People have different stress levels."