Late Nights with Trav and Los

A Case For Bravery

Episode Notes


You are what you love, not what loves you. That’s from Adaptaion, written by Charlie Kaufman. I quoted that before, but I mis-attributed it.

The point is - so what? You will likely get rejected or even made fun of. So what?

"If you make things and share them, your heart will at some point be broken. If you never share, it will harden. Your choice." — Todd Henry


This one is easy. You already are obscure. So, move on.


What even is failure? On our patron podcast we talked about how failure is a necessary step toward success. All great works were born from great failures.


“I’m not good enough”

I as reading a comic book this morning on the train, and one of the secondary characters has this kind of throw-away line. “Well, you have to be brave before you can be good.”

Parting thought

Dr Brené Brown has studied vulnerability for over a decade. One of the key things her research has brought to light is that there wasn't ever a single instance of bravery that didn't require being vulnerable as well.