Late Nights with Trav and Los

Trav's Little Book of Knowledge

Episode Summary

Travis opens up his notebook and walks us through a number of points he found significant enough to write down. This is his Book of Knowledge.

Episode Notes

Here are the points we discuss from Trav's Book of Knowledge

  1. Whatever you do; do the best you can because the work will live forever.
    — Jackie Chan

  2. You can deal with anything today if you have a compelling future
    — Tony Robbins

  3. You will never influence the world by trying to be like it. 

  4. Most people focus on a few strong ties. But webs of weak ties are how ideas are spread.

  5. You don’t need to know everything about everything to do anything.

  6. If you describe the problem better than anyone else, people will believe that you have the best solution.

  7. Do this, or don't this. Choose.

  8. You are what you love not what loves you. (In reference to having your self-esteem be built on the opinions of others.)

  9. Most of the people we see in the arts are not there because they had the most to offer, but because they wanted to be there the most.
    — Jerry Seinfeld

  10. I keep track of my successes by counting my failures
    — Walt Disney

  11. We are all a little stupid and a little brilliant.

  12. End Strong.
    People remember the end. You can have a slow start, and a weak middle, but make sure you end strong.

  13. You can suffer from anxiety and not know it.

  14. There are finite and infinite games. You want to play the infinite game. 

  15. Take this seriously. Not personally.

  16. If I fall in love with my songs, I'll never write music.
    — Kyle cease

  17. All of your plans are stupid. All plans are stupid and a waste of time, until they work, then they are totally worth it. And you never know what plan will work, so you might as well get started on your stupid plan.