Late Nights with Trav and Los

How I increased my creative output 150% by simply changing the way I sleep - part 2

Episode Summary

Part 2 of Trav telling Los about his new Polyphasic sleep schedule

Episode Notes

Part 2 of Trav telling Los about his new Polyphasic sleep schedule

I’ve been on this schedule for a month, here are some of my insights:

  1. Days are long again, like when I was a kid. Days are not really a thing, but you track time by events or phases. I got to work. I come home. I have family time. I have DevTips time. It’s not really night and day anymore. the sun is up sometimes, and it’s not other times. I loose track of the weekday really easily.

  2. You are adding to your lifetime. Not piling on years at the back, filled with medications and other issues. I’m living longer than most people today.

  3. I feel more connected to the earth, to the rhythms of nature more than the concerns of the humans around me. I feel different than everyone. Like I know something they don’t. Like I can see something beautiful that they just walk by. When my colleagues come into the office in the morning (its morning for them) I’ve been awake for 8 hours and have been making videos and stuff for a long time already.

  4. People are really accepting of my new schedule. It’s not really that hard. I take naps at work, which is probably the coolest thing ever. I’ve left meetings to nap. I’ve napped at other peoples offices. It’s not really that weird, and people are very understanding.

  5. I get a lot done. A lot.

  6. It’s not easy, and I’m not perfect. It’s cold these days and my bed is so warm and comfy. I’ve overslept a few times. Those days are hard, I feel like I’ve let self down, and there goes that days extra time. It’s easier to stay up late than wake up early. But I’m focusing on not throwing in the towel on the larger picture when I make small immediate mistakes.