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How to be Self-learning Part 1

Episode Summary

Today we have access to unimaginable amounts of information, which in turn makes it easier for us to learn outside of the classroom. So, what are the steps we can take to be self-learning?

Episode Notes

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How to be self-learning

I want to talk about the most impactful concepts I’ve encountered and developed while optimizing my learning. This episode is two parts.

Part 1 Intro (00:3:43)

Summary (00:8:13)

1. Follow your curiosity (00:11:13) This is your compass for self-learning, and immersing yourself in the things that interest you is the best way to digest and make sense and understand your topic to it’s core.

2. Write it Down (00:16:53) It took me some time, but once I started organizing my thoughts on paper or computer I noticed a profound change. Our brains are capable of amazing things, but by trying to depend on your brain to remember all of your ideas and to-do’s, takes a drastic toll for it to operate at its best.

3. Find your Ambassadors (00:20:09) This is important. Choosing the right people to take advice from in life is one of the most important skills to have. Yes, a skill. Look for people that are humble, compassionate, and above all else are authentic/real.

4. Tune your speed (00:41:16) Finding the optimum balance between speed and comprehension is an ongoing process. Always be pushing yourself to find that sweet spot. Sometimes that means slowing down and at times that means speeding it up. Always be on the lookout for playback speed options in your audio and video apps.

5. Plan on Teaching (00:44:02) Everyone knows that the best way to learn is to teach it, and by opening myself to the possibility, I increase my overall understanding. Sometimes the way to create good habits is to trick ourselves into it.

Outro to Part 1 (00:48:08)